What is Made At Penn?

Made At Penn is a new initiative by Labs and the Dining Philosophers to showcase projects and startups created and launched by Penn students and alumni. The goal is bring the tech and entrepreneurship community closer by highlighting the work of individuals and groups.

I just submitted my app. Where is it?

While we would like to showcase everybody's work, we focus on projects that are particularly novel, useful and inspiring. In order to promote an open source tech commmunity, we require that all tech projects submitted must also include a link to the Github/Repository, so that other students can learn from your project. You will receive an email as soon as your app is approved!

Is any type of project allowed?

Yes! We'd like to highlight any projects from any discipline - tech, entrepreneurship, design, etc. We'd like to highlight the projects that Penn students have made for fun - that being said, if you're particularly passionate about a class project feel free to submit it. However, please refrain from submitting any class homework assignments, as that may infringe on academic policy.

Can anyone submit to Made At Penn?

Projects can only be submitted by individuals or groups that include at least one current student. Startups need to have at least one current Penn student or alumni that is a co-founder.

Who can I contact about this?

Feel free to reach out to labs@pennapps.com in case you have any questions or concerns.